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So, what is Fiji Day? Fiji Day is on the 10th of October each year to celebrate Fiji gaining its independence from the UK when its colonial status was removed in 1970. Interestingly enough, it is actually a double anniversary as on the same day in 1874, King Seru Epenisa Cakobau signed the deed of […]

Love my nation ❤

Selfish Man

You’re not satisfied with your money and your Limousine with your other two cars there in San Francisco where you live in with your wife and yet still looking complaining about my father’s sweat to be yours here in our country back in the Village……you wanna boss around with us….you wanna threat us with your abusive order to chase my mother out of her house where my father gave us i mean where they natured us from…….i use to look up on you because you my dady dad’s small bro…..and now when dad passed away and here comes your true colour…..and yet people from there they address you as pastor… told us that you’ll come when the boarders open so that you will be here watching us dragged out by whoever you come along with,ok we are waiting for your arrival ‘Dady’ don’t worry you didn’t know that my mom have already longe the complain about your threat,Do whatever you want to do blacklist is waiting for you.